We are cool

Artimaña was founded more than 25 years ago. We started with small orders and grew with our clients. We have made progress with the firm conviction that the best investment is to learn day in and day out: Learn from our clients, friends, collaborators, suppliers, competitors and also ourselves. Today, we have become specialists in developing comprehensive programs based on the strategic design of brands and products and their communication on all channels, including the Internet. 

We face each new project with enthusiasm. We devote all the hours, minutes and seconds required to accomplish what we have been commissioned to do in a clear and direct manner… We have even been awarded for it! 

We have designed meal and hairdressing packs, innovative apps and web sites for restaurants, posters of ice cream and also campaigns for NGOs, Newsletters and positioning strategies for beauty brands, e-commerce stores and corporate images for businesses that begin their journey, or even some book collection on graphic designers.

But what we like the most is facing new challenges, new sectors and specialties, exploring new paths… That is why in recent years we have worked with clients in the US, Holland, Germany and England. We are global!

Find on our website a sample of what they are saying about us, what we want, what we do and what we are looking for, what we talk about, discuss and work out every day.

We are at a crucial moment in our history with new and exciting projects. Many of our historical clients are gaining recognition throughout the digital world: We are already there and we will stay to live it with them.

Gemma Solana (CEO)

Artimaña is led by:

Gemma Solana

Gemma Solana

Lali Cárceles

Lali Cárceles

Laura León

Laura León

We feel new

We are convinced that our perseverance and love for detail has brought us success since…

  • We love our job
  • We feel the same way the client does
  • We believe in their product
  • We like the smell of ink
  • The digital world engages us
  • We hate being bored
  • We do not want to work alone
  • We know what we want
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We love to be congratulated…

We love challenges!! And we are always ready to direct our experience and acquired knowledge towards the new purposes of our clients, their new goals with new ties and unions.