Master Brand Danone at the POS










New project for a brand that we had never worked with: DANONE. We commissioned the launch in Spain of the new identity of Danone Brand in the category of dairy.

We have analysed the trends

Natural is not a fashion, it is a trend that will grow. It is cross, it is already in the lifestyles, in the decoration, cosmetics, food,…

The creative concept had to develop all the touchpoints that our consumer has contact with during the purchase process, from the inspiration (on line, Social Media…) to the attraction and finally the action of final sale. We have developed a number of touchpoint executions at each stage to maximize visibility, conveying the new spirit of naturalness that inspires the worldwide re-launch of Danone Brand. Activation has been a success.

“Redescubre el yogur” has been the call to action for the whole category and “Desayuna con yogur”the launch of the new Danone A Tu gusto.

We have designed Gondola End, shelf framing, primary multi-shelf displays whith key line,… and e-commerce packages with recipes booklets included. Our new relationship has started and it has already had its first successes with a Hispack award for primary shelf lineal.

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