Innovation Frigo




This project was one of the first annual catalogues we made for the food channel and large customers of Frigo. It is always designed at the end of the year so that it goes into production during the month of January and so key accounts can make visits to their customers in the first quarter of the year and ensure a good introduction of the assortment. Among others, the 3 fundamental objectives of each catalog are:

Give the sales force the arguments that differentiate the leader from the competitors.

Be the main tool to get the best visibility and communication at the point of sale (perfect store)

Launch the news as a growth engine of the different categories, and it is at this point that the design of the catalogue suffered the unspeakable every year, because the news is not developed locally and from the Head Quarters arrived very late all the material referring to innovation: 3D, Packs, Advertising Communication, etc … It was really difficult to arrive on time in the delivery to production, so in 2004 we came up with an idea that revolutionized the team and motivated it against the delay of the plant:

A team of spies had assaulted the headquarters and making the files with all the innovation planned for that year and we had sent very valuable material to know the news.

When the final materials arrived, we made a digital record with all the news, presenting the campaigns and their planning.

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