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Dove asked us in 2011 to prepare the branding campaign in POS for the Spanish market.

They needed to activate the Dove brand in all the categories that were present. Marketing activates each brand, but at the point of sale we did not want to activate each category separately. DEO was the category with the best results and the goal was to drag the rest (gels, body, cream …).

“You also trust Dove for …” We need a story to explain around this concept so that the sales team convinces and convinces its customers.

The campaign was developed in multiple channels (Supermarkets, perfumeries, etc.) and in multiple categories with diverse actions. The general objectives were:

The Visual Claim Key must serve for all categories.

It is the umbrella on which the sales arguments will be built.

It must be aligned with the “Think Big Pack” of international.

It must be applicable to all POS materials.

Easy, direct and understandable for the shopper.

You must be able to include Dove Men in your POS application.

It must remain in time. (Campaign 2012 and 2013 minimum)

It will be adaptable to the communication of the different events in POS.

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