Frigo visibility

PB_impulso_madrid_2014 PB_niños_madrid_2014PB_magnum_2014PB_cornetto_2014

2010_CDO_productboard_02   2013_frigo_soft_priceboard   cartel_2013_cornetto_ok   Cartel_roc_roi_V2012    Cartel_impulso_V2012   Cartel_Kids_V2012   cartel_Splash_cast   2009_frigo_cartel_iceage_02

2010_frigo_productboard     2013_magnum_cartel   2012_Magnum_cartel_01


Innovating from experience.

Frigo is a brand that we know in depth. For more than 15 years we have started our first project with an ice cream sign for a supermarket!

We have grown with them in the whole category and we could show a long curriculum of projects thought, presented and designed by Artimaña. And year after year you have to innovate!

We leave you here with a small sample of our experience in their points of sale: Frigo Impulse materials, key pieces of brand visibility. The contribution of this brand of Unilever to the Spanish market with products, promotions and own campaigns makes each project a challenge. Without forgetting that the last change of image of the kiosks in all Europe also is done by Artimaña.

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