Alcorcón City Council


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The design of the entire identity program for the City of Alcorcón has been carried out with the aim of updating its traditional symbol to provide the Institution with new communication tools with its citizens. This is what his mayor has defined in the presentation of the manual, Jesús Salvador Bedmar:

In this manual we present the new design of the shield and institutional logo of our city. With them we wanted to combine the characteristics of a tradition rich in history with the ambitious challenge of consolidating itself as a modern city with a future, a future that belongs to all of us and that should serve to improve our quality of life.

We are aware that providing the government of Alcorcón and its agencies with a homogeneous graphic image, rationalizes and simplifies the effort of management and internal and external action. This is the reason why the codes of visual identification that make up the renewed institutional image follow criteria of cohesion and global identity.

It was necessary to unify and assist the application regulations in any support or context of use to allow the positive identification of citizens with their institutions and with their city.

These new symbols of identity favour the image of rigor and seriousness of our municipal bodies and reinforce our sense of belonging to the city of Alcorcón.

To explain the process of change to citizens we have designed a presentation taking advantage of the implementation of the strategic plan.