The challenge

Category development through the relaunch of the Danone brand. The challenge was to gain insight into educating the consumer in the benefits of yogurt. The ultimate goal is to develop the category and return to growth.


Through a dual strategy:
1. Customer plan and
2. Consumer plan


KPI’s: Sales, Penetration, Market Share
All KPI’s above set goals:

Market Share
1. Category & Brand Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Shopper Plan design with a strategy for all phases of the Shopper Journey, maximizing all contact points and differentiating them by channel. The campaign, materials and Call To Action must convey the naturalness and simplicity of Danone yogurt. Campaigns Q1 ‘18 and Q1 ‘19.

4. Consumer Journey Map & Activation Marketing Plan


Advertisements in the main customer magazines with specific promotions for each channel.

Goal: Awareness. Consumer Education. Call to Action. Trial.
KPI: Reach minimum 1M impacts core target. Conversion.
Results: +5M impacts.

E/M-Mailing. Physical Mail

Activation of the category in different channels and customers (Carrefour, ECI, PrimeNow …)

Goal: Awareness. Consumer Education. Call to Action. Trial.
KPI: Top customers.
Results: +700k impacts.

Gondola End

Decoration of the gondola ends to attract the attention of the consumer 3-5 meters away through the brand and the CTA.

Goal: Engage.
KPI: Top 3.000 Hypers and Supers.
Results: 100% Top customers Hyper and Supers.

Category Navigation

Shelf arrangement in order to organize the navigation, supported by communication materials that highlight the Reason Why of the range. Natural wood glorifier to highlight innovation.

Goal: Convert.
KPI: Top 7.500 Hypers, Supers and Convenience.
Results: 100% Top customers Hypers, Supers and Convenience.

Value Added Pack

To gain insight and develop the category through new moments and forms of yogurt consumption.

Goal: Convert.
KPI: Redemption, Stock rotation.
Results: 10.000u e-commerce.

Loyalty Program

Various promotions with prizes segmented by channel and a “SOY NATURAL” bag as a general hook for the whole campaign.

Goal: Experience & Brand Equity.
KPI: Redemption, Stock rotation.
Results: 200.000 u.

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