The challenge

The challenge was to design a new identity and develop a creative strategy to change the perception of real estate agents regarding the Training Center of the Official College of Real Estate Agents of Barcelona.


KPI’s: Positioning and sales itineraries/courses.

1. Category & Brand Strategy

The main activities carried out by Immoscòpia are: market/sector studies, publications, organization and participation in local and international forums and conferences, creation of own channels for the transmission of content, face-to-face training through agreements with Universities and quality online training. Also recognitions, awards, scholarships … Any opportunity to contact our target audience has been dealt with in a transversal manner.

Consumer Insights

Taking the analysis of the different real estate professions as a starting point, a map of competences was prepared. Custom itineraries were prepared for each job profile, so that each person could complete the professional studies they chose within the sector.

Brand Segmentation

We have identified several animals with the profiles of professionals in a sector that is often compared to “a jungle”. As a user, one must know what kind of “animal” they want to be, and so one can decide what skills they should acquire in any field: Law, Sales, Technology…

Brand Architecture

This segmentation has allowed us to identify the courses with the icons for each animal and thus facilitate navigation both in the indexes of the printed documents and in the hiring of online courses.

Content Marketing Strategy

The slogn “I want to be” that accompanies the brand is the creative axis result of the segmentation strategy. Created from the conceptualization and design of the map of competences, the slogan is the key piece of the entire project since it allows a real projection of the attainment of competences by the student, making the entere project revolve around the user.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Positioning impacts.
Results: +3.000 users.

2. Branding

The name comes from a quaterly magazine published by the Official College of Real Estate Agents of Barcelona, ​​which enjoys prestige within the sector, for the quality of its contributions.

Brand Visual Identity

Design of the brand and corporate identity supports. Basic stationery, headquarters signage and different corporate materials.

Corporate & Brand Book

Brand Identity Manual with the main guidelines and implementation regulations: Basic Stationery, Lettering and Corporate Banners…

Web & E/M-Commerce

Architecture, conceptualization, design and programming of the website and online courses portal. Art direction and production of the Virtual Campus developed on a Moodle platform.

Goal: Sales.
KPI: Registration for courses and itineraries Virtual Campus.
Results: +1,715 annual users.

3. Customer Plan

Customer Selling Story

Presentations for training prescribers: Coaches de las Apiàles (real estate associations) and territorial delegates and zone coordinators.

Customer Selling Story

COAPI Coaches and Commercial Training

Goal: Sales
KPI: Online courses
Results: +1,600 students

4. Consumer Journey Map & Activation Marketing Plan


Insertions in the sector’s leading magazines. 4 annual issues for 2 years of the Real Estate Magazine (referent of the sector) and in the 3 annual editions of  Immoscòpia Magazine, the second most important reference of the sector.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Minimum reach 50,000 impacts on target users.
Resultados: +68,000 impacts.


“Push” mails . To segmented groups on a bi-weekly basis.

Goal: Consideration.
KPI: Click Rate
Results: +15%

Precision Sampling

Sent by postal mail to all professionals within the sector and related social and political institutions; made available to attendees to their own congresses, courses, conferences, fairs and events as well as those of other companies. A total of 105 events, with 3,800 participants.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Minimum reach 10,000 on target users.
Results: +10,800 impacts.

Secondary Placement

Campaigns at fairs and events in the physical and digital sector, with corporate banners for the launch of the most innovative training.


On the homepage of the web portal, there are 4 specific banners where one can announce the new courses, registration deadlines, events, conferences … Also, there is specific advertising within the student’s Virtual Campus so as to enhance cross-selling.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Click Rate
Resultados: +15%

Loyalty Program

Diplomas of courses taken.


Weekly for 2 years.

Goal: Experience Loyalty.
KPI: Click Rate
Results: +20%

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