The challenge

Position the TRESemmé Liso Keratina innovation as the Top selling range in sales of the brand during the first year of its launch.


Through a dual strategy:
1. Customer plan and
2. Consumer plan


KPI’s: Sales (Keratin & Total Brand), Penetration, Market Share All KPI’s above set goals:

Sales 12 months
New Consumers
Market Share
3. Customer Plan

Customer Selling Story

How Liso Keratina helps increase category and customer sales.

Goal: Range listing.
KPI: Customer coverage and range referencing.
Results: More than 90% of Modern Trade clients covered directly and range listed on-time above the initial set goals.


Development of the complete kit of materials to present the range to customers in an innovative way and with differential arguments.

4. Consumer Journey Map & Activation Marketing Plan

Create content that sparks conversation for journalists, bloggers & influencers, with events and media relations.
Marco Communication

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Reach minimum 5M impacts in core target year 1.
Results: +10M impacts year 1 and 2M€ return through media.

Campaign in the main media of the sector.

Goal: Awareness
KPI: Reach minimum 1M core target impacts.
Results: 3M impacts.

Outdoor campaign for TRESEmmé 7 Días Liso.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Coverage in the 5 cities Top Spain.
Results: 100% coverage.

Precision sampling
Product testing through precise segmentation with the objective of effectively reaching the core target and optimizing the conversion ratio. Activation plan focused on the Touch points more closely related to the target: beauty magazines, fashion partners, street marketing in selected events, best-selling stores.

Goal: Trial
KPI: Coverage in the 5 Top cities in Spain.
Results: 100% coverage.

SEO and SEM positioning content campaign.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: Reach.
Results: +3M impacts.

Security Shrouds
Security Shrouds in the best-selling centers.

Goal: Awareness.
KPI: +450 hypermarkets.
Results: 100% targeted centers.

Category Navigation
Development of materials for shelves with the objective of facilitating navigation to the buyer, highlighting innovation and facilitating product testing.

Product test in the Perfumery channel.
KPI: Top-10 Perfumeries Spain.
Results: 100% Top-10 Perfumeries Spain.

Shelves segmentation
Facilitate navigation and increase conversion.
KPI: Top costumers Hypermarket, Supermarket, Perfumery.
Results: 100% Top clients Hypermarket, Supermarket, Perfumery.

Secondary Placement
Exhibitors with the range for Supermarkets.
Islands with specific groupings with the different TRESemmé ranges for Hypermarkets.

Goal: Conversion to sales.
KPI: 5,000 stores activated per campaign.
Results: 10,000 stores activated per campaign.

Value Added Pack
For the first time in the hair cosmetics industry market.
Packs that increase the value of the category at special times of the year: Christmas, Mother’s Day, special treatments in summer.

Goal: Increase the value of the category.
KPI: Sales.
Results: Pack Top-1 rotation and sales on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

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