The challenge

To create a new brand and launch the E-commerce campaign for different categories of consumption that cover the needs of travelers with a sustainable philosophy in the broadest sense of the word.


KPI’s: Positioning and Sales.

1. Category & Brand Strategy

When Edu visited us to begin this adventure, we felt fortunate that a man with his wisdom counted on us and trusted us with his new idea:

“We are passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life. That’s why we are strong supporters of sustainable tourism, which has provided us with plenty of inspiration for our current and future products. We care about the environment and the preservation of the planet. That’s why we try our best to minimize our carbon footprint even as a small business — we follow a “zero-plastic” policy in all wrapping, packaging and decorative elements used in the orders we receive for our products”.

Brand Architecture

Portfolio: they are exclusive products and accessories for the world of backpacking. Categorization and structure of the portfolio to adapt it to the SEO / SEARCH  e-commerce category.

Content Marketing Strategy

Edu had a blog where he talked about his travel experiences around the world. The stories he told us seemed much more than anecdotes so we encouraged him to explain them in a much more entertaining format.

This is how he started with the videos: explaining why he had created one product or another by means of anecdotes.

2. Branding

Brand Visual Identity

We based the brand on Edu’s passion: “Unuk reminds us of the great adventure that travels can be, while also suggesting that, no matter how far or different we are from one another, we all look at the same stars at night, bringing us closer as humans living in the same world.”

Lettering Logo

When joining the name of the star (unuk) with its constellation (serpens) the logo that refers us to a snake emerges.

Brand Visual Identity

Naming: Unuk, an abbreviation of the etymological name “Unukalhai”, is the double star part of the Serpens constellation which can be seen from the Earth with the naked eye. The slogan “Great Travelers” defines the brand through the users.

Corporate & Brand Book

Development of the brand implementation system. Since Edu has many wonderful photos of his travels, we have also helped him in the Art Direction of the communication materials.

Outercase & SRP

The home delivery of the packages needed to be customizable, so we proposed a series of labels adaptable to all packaging formats with fully sustainable recycled cardboard standards.

Web & E/M-Commerce

Design and programming of the virtual store. The commitment has been to integrate it with the travel blog where Edu posts his experiences in order to convey the idea of a store where one can find a very careful selection of what is needed to travel light.

4. Consumer Journey Map & Activation Marketing Plan


Registering for the Newsletter when visiting the web for the first time.


SEO optimization in the store, changing the initial categorization of products:

  • Improve the usability of the website with more information aimed at explaining the purpose of the items we sell.
  • Increase our incidence rate on important keywords such as “travel” or “trip”.

SEO optimization on the blog:

  • Orient the articles towards topics close to the business.
  • Include texts more aimed at making unuk’s products known in one way or another.

Social Network

Design of specific materials: Collection of inspirational phrases on photos of travels that convey the philosophy of life. For the different campaigns in Social Networks (Pinterest, Facebook …).


Banners and store highlights, within the product and cross-selling categories with recommendations and opinions from other users.

Loyalty Program

Physical cards and codes in the online shopping cart. The cards are photos of Edu’s trips, which one receives at home with the product and printed as collectible postcards.

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