Santo Domingo Hotel

New identity for a Hotel in the heart of Madrid.


First corporate website and Newsletters for this Insurance Brokerage firm.

Barchilon and diabetes

First medical insurance for people with diabetes.

Monitor Medical

Design of communication materials and web art direction.

Letibalm stick

Redesign of lipsticks. Protective and moisturizing.


New label for Leti’s Micellar Water.


15 years taking care of your lips.

Neovinil Night & Day

New packaging with self-assembling packaging.

Backpacks Integral

Backpack line design and presentation of the new collection.

Royal Tailor

Royal Tailor is the treatment with which King Charles II Stuart of England …


Line design of integrated electronic relays.

Colorizer 3.0

Packaging for this professional color simulator.

Star Light Effect

They are charged during the day with sunlight and visible in the dark at night.


Bi-annual catalog of gardening products and industrial pipes.


Experimental social network for university students programmed with CMS Elgg.

AMPA Escola Concepció

Web Page to maintain constant communication between the association and the users of this public school.

Klonic Agendas

Naming for the first Dolly the sheep’s anniversary.

Finocam Donna

Packaging and communication of a line of diarys and leather accessories.

Finocam Agenda&Cartera

Packaging and communication of a line of planners and leather accessories.

Multifin Dos

Design of the collection’s folders, packaging and catalog.

Multifin notebooks

Collection design of spiral notebooks and planners.

Finocam spiral diary

Design of planners and notebooks.

Finocam Agendas

Catalogs of the Finocam Agendas collection.


Press campaign for the launch of the service in Spain.

Doorm, care your dreams

Identity for a start-up that takes care of your dreams


Orbit’s new “solidarity flavor” chewing gum.


Design and web programming apps.

Paper Lover, an application made with love.

An app made with love!

Bigmat complete Identity Manual

Visual identity and implementation guides.

Pina Novias, packaging for brides

Repositioning of the brand and the packaging system.

Altius, corporate website and Social networks

Corporate website for Altius Group.

waper, el sabor de las emociones

Naming, Identity and packaging

Finocam calendars

Maximum clarity and ease.


Redesign and new image for the relaunch of the brand.


Ice cream cups personalization for Frigo food channel.

Manguera Fusion

A hose with multiple technological features and environmentally friendly.

Campus Virtual MIPE-DIPE

Online learning community based on Moodle for the Master and Inter-university Doctorate in Educational Psychology (UB)

…Suspiro of Carte d’Or

Packaging for a new line of Carte d’Or desserts in hypermarkets.


Naming, logo, packaging and website for a new electrical substation management software.

Universitat de Barcelona

Intranet for the management of studies and enrollment of students in the Master and Doctorate in Educational Psychology.

Lar Industrial

Communication of new promotions of the group’s Industrial division.

Ideal Coffee

Packaging for a new line of teas for sale in snack bars and restaurants.

NW Revlon

Packaging for the repositioning of the hair treatment line.