Great travelers.

New Armstrong headquarters – DLW Spain

Identity Design of the new Armstrong offices – DLW in Spain.

Neovinil Night & Day

New packaging with self-assembling packaging.

Royal Tailor

Royal Tailor is the treatment with which King Charles II Stuart of England …

Star Light Effect

They are charged during the day with sunlight and visible in the dark at night.


Bi-annual catalog of gardening products and industrial pipes.

Klonic Agendas

Naming for the first Dolly the sheep’s anniversary.

Multifin Dos

Design of the collection’s folders, packaging and catalog.


Design of the European design yearbook collection.


Orbit’s new “solidarity flavor” chewing gum.

DLW Flooring Germany – Sample catalogues

R&D for the new floor catalogue.

Bigmat complete Identity Manual

Visual identity and implementation guides.

waper, el sabor de las emociones

Naming, Identity and packaging


Collection of Spanish Design Yearbooks.

Manguera Fusion

A hose with multiple technological features and environmentally friendly.

Lar Industrial

Communication of new promotions of the group’s Industrial division.

NW – Revlon Professional

Launch of the new NW line.