Medical – Aesthetics


Construction tradition


Great travelers.


I want to be…


New Store Concept.

Género y Desarrollo

React!! Let’s go halfves.

Cross country ski

Identity for the cross-country ski friends association

La Cápsula

Naming and corporate identity for a digital laboratory of the future.

INR Control

Corporate Identity and presentation materials to doctors and patients.


Identity of the Santo Domingo Hotel Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Santo Domingo Hotel

New identity for a Hotel in the heart of Madrid.

Bolet Arquitectura

Identity design and presentation on the internet.

Neovinil Night & Day

New packaging with self-assembling packaging.

75th anniversary

A small invitation book for a big celebration.

Royal Tailor

Royal Tailor is the treatment with which King Charles II Stuart of England …

Lobby Litografia Rosés

Inks that leave their print.


Repositioning and corporate identity applications.

Pina 75 Anniversary

Identity for the communication of the brand’s 75th anniversary.


Corporate Identity for this small printing press.

Magí Valls

Identity and communication that will make you laugh.


Bi-annual catalog of gardening products and industrial pipes.

El Carrau Blau – El Carrau Verd

Sant Just Desvern’s municipal art workshop.

Klonic Agendas

Naming for the first Dolly the sheep’s anniversary.

Finocam Donna

Packaging and communication of a line of diarys and leather accessories.

Finocam Agenda&Cartera

Packaging and communication of a line of planners and leather accessories.

Diari de l’Empordà

Design of the Diari de l’Empordà.


Design of the European design yearbook collection.


Press campaign for the launch of the service in Spain.

Doorm, care your dreams

Identity for a start-up that takes care of your dreams

Casa Calvet

Website for the Casa Calvet restaurant, located in one of Antoni Gaudí’s iconic buildings.

Paper Lover, an application made with love.

An app made with love!

Bigmat complete Identity Manual

Visual identity and implementation guides.

Altius, corporate image

What is the shortest distance between two points?

Pina Novias, packaging for brides

Repositioning of the brand and the packaging system.

People Hackfest’16

Image design for the People Hackfest’16 app programming event.

waper, el sabor de las emociones

Naming, Identity and packaging

Gut Microbiota Worldwatch

New image for Gut Microbiota, member of the European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

La Cápsula, new icons

Development of iconography for online file delivery.


Corporate Identity for this consultancy specialized in immigration.

Llobregat SOStenible

Campaign for the recovery and improvement of the Llobregat River.


Collection of Spanish Design Yearbooks.


Naming, logo, packaging and website for a new electrical substation management software.

Eviu, online languages

First online inter-university platform for language training.

Diari de Vilanova y Diari del Baix Penedès

Design of the Diari de Vilanova and Diari del Baix Penedès.

Volpak corporate catalog

Corporate presentation for this company specialized in design and development of packaging lines.

Alcorcón City Council

Redesign of the Coat of Arms, symbol of the city and Identity Manual.

Enher bag

Commercial shopping bag.


Corporate identity manual.