Concentrated shot for your digestive well-being.


Construction tradition


Great travelers.


I want to be…

Danone Brand

Rediscover yogurt.


Special packaging for Mother’s Day, only sold by Mercadona.

Género y Desarrollo

React!! Let’s go halfves.

Exchange market poster

Exchange market poster.


At first glance, many things seem the same…

Monitor Medical

Design of communication materials and web art direction.

Hotel Santo Domingo, positioning

Advertising pages with a new positioning for the Hotel.


New label for Leti’s Micellar Water.

Neovinil Night & Day

New packaging with self-assembling packaging.

Colway Catalogs

Corporate presentation materials for the Colway group.

Pina, collections

Art direction of the photo shoots for the annual collection.

Pina 75 Anniversary

Identity for the communication of the brand’s 75th anniversary.


The first low cost cruise is about to leave port.

La distància entre el llamp i el tro

“Your country needs you (…)”. This is the starting point of the show.


Bi-annual catalog of gardening products and industrial pipes.

Master Brand Danone Mmmh! at the POS

Master Brand Danone Mmmh at the POS

Fair Oaks Capital, an always up to dated website

This website allows you to obtain real-time investment fund information and detect the place of connection to automatically select what contents are displayed to users.


Orbit’s new “solidarity flavor” chewing gum.

Sephora – digital

A strategy based, like the brand itself, on excellence, audacity and emotions.

Paper Lover, an application made with love.

An app made with love!

Catalunya Música

Campaign to launch the internet radio station.

Pina Novias, packaging for brides

Repositioning of the brand and the packaging system.


Branding, communication, product image and packaging for the relaunch of the brand.


Letifem’s visual key

waper, el sabor de las emociones

Naming, Identity and packaging


Branding for the launch of the new NATURALS line.

Master Brand

Master Brand for Dove in Spain.

Llobregat SOStenible

Campaign for the recovery and improvement of the Llobregat River.


Visibility campaign for Cornetto


Launch 100% Beauty, 100% Sales.

Magnum Gold kiosks

Visibility campaign for Magnum Gold.

Knorr with Maitena

Gifts with humor in the supermarket channel.