NW Revlon


Treatment product line formed by three ranges with a total of 14 initial references distributed as follows: Beauty treatment 3 references, Essencial treatment 8 references and Thecnics treatment 3 references. The general concepts to be transmitted have been: Agility, Dynamism and Naturalness.

It has had an important condition for the development of the Product Image: The units to be produced for the re-launching of the NW line have not allowed a new container design, which has involved working on modifications on existing containers to achieve unity, as possible, the visual image of the line.

1 ink = 1 number = 1 product

This condition has led to intensify the work of graphic creation for labeling, simplifying to the maximum the technical use of inks and finishes, clearly reinforcing the positioning strategy of the NW brand, without complexes in use or in the concept.